Meet Mary!

My name is Mary Holmes and I set up Ruby Seven Image Consulting in 2006 in response to an emerging demand in the market for help with personal shopping and personal styling in Dublin.

I had always wanted to run my own business and with my background and skillset in marketing, I re-trained as an image consultant and personal shopper.

I absolutely love my job as an image consultant and personal shopper. I love meeting all kinds of people who I would possibly never have come in contact with otherwise. Every day is different and it allows me the flexibility to be there for my young daughter after school.

I find that meeting the client in their own home is the key to a successful personal shopping experience. This enables me to identify what is needed in terms of type of clothing, styles, shapes and colours based on the client’s body shape, lifestyle and personality and gaps in their current wardrobe.

I also have a great deal of experience in delivering seminars and training programmes to the corporate market place on topics such as professional image, personal brand and dressing for work.

A frequent question I am asked is where does the name “Ruby Seven” come from? Seven is a very significant number in my life in relation to birthdays and anniversaries and my own birthday is the seventh day of the seventh month. Ruby is the birthstone for July.

I am rarely asked about my qualifications but just for the record, I have a degree in international marketing and languages from DCU and a certificate in image consulting from Limperts Academy.